Protect, Preserve and Remember Art Exhibit

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Protect, Preserve and Remember Art Exhibit

The exhibit "Protect, Preserve and Remember" features numerous paintings about modern motherhood at the Serra Mesa library from June to September 2024.

 The work of motherhood is real work. During a time of climate crisis and political chaos with a global pandemic thrown in, how are we supposed to enjoy every moment with our children before its slips away? Green's paintings show that the task before modern mothers is monumental.  The work of motherhood can be frustrating, boring and thankless and the pressure is on show up for our children while accomplishing mundane tasks during crisis after crisis. Yet motherhood and nurturing our children is also a source of joy and fosters a connection to our shared humanity.

Green uses her own photographs as a reference tool, but include disparate images and moment to tell a bigger story. She includes both gestural and realistic rendering so as to create a sense of motion and a feeling of immediacy and the blurring of edges. The figures are shown, often her own children, with their own psychic interiority as they pursue their own interests, such as reading, playing, or wandering in nature, albeit under Green's watchful eye. Engaging in the world that children inhabit through their imaginative play takes us away from exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. The intention of the exhibit is to use her artistic practice to connect to the joy that comes from the reciprocal relationship of mother and child instead of focusing on the unending burdens of it.


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Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library, Aero Drive, San Diego, CA, USA

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