Who are Community Ambassadors?

Community Ambassador is an advocate for the interests and needs of their community within the arts and culture sector. They work to ensure that the voices of their community are heard, represented, and included in relevant discussions and decision-making processes. Community ambassadors play a crucial role in fostering community engagement, promoting inclusivity, and strengthening connections between SDAD and the communities it serves.


The San Diego Art Directory Community Ambassador Council aims to provide a platform for the community to voice opinions on SDAD matters. By offering personal insights, we seek to understand the challenges and opportunities each community faces, enabling us to better execute community initiatives. Our goal is to uplift community leaders and strengthen the arts and culture sector, contributing to the prosperity of our economy. Join us in shaping the future of San Diego’s arts and culture scene!


  • Head of Council
  • Africano(a)
  • LatinX
  • Asian
  • Health & Wellness
  • Veteran
  • Native American/Indigenous
  • Youth
  • Education


  • Must be 21 years or older (Youth: 18 or older)
  • Cannot be currently serving on a City or County Arts and Culture Commission
  • Keen knowledge and/or experience within the area of the position
  • Willing and able to attend SDAD Board meetings/activities
  • Ready and willing to serve the community
  • 2 professional references


  • Adhere to SDAD policies and bylaws
  • Attend Board + Council meetings once a quarter
  • Participate in at least 1⁄3 of SDAD activities and events
  • Volunteer at least 5 hrs/mo for the SDAD day-to-day operations
  • Collaborate with fellow council members
  • Voice thoughts, opinions, and concerns on community issues
  • Assist with data collection in the respective community
  • Position Duration: 1 year (with unlimited consecutive terms)

Interview Process:

  • Accept and review applications
  • Conduct single or group interviews
  • Final Review
  • Final Acceptance
  • Conduct “Nia Njema” – Entrance Oath

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